Optimize Your AutoTrac Universal Steering Wheel

by Josh Zuck, Lanark, IL 

AutoTrac Universal (ATU) steering wheels are a great way to get into the AutoTrac world even if you have an older or non-John Deere tractor. The AutoTrac universal can be installed on almost any make or model of equipment.  Our Effingham location has recently installed an ATU on a 4020.  Grandpa wouldn’t know what to think about that.  One nice thing about an ATU is that you can move it from one machine to another without buying too much more than the brackets to hold the ATU.  If you spend the time to get everything properly adjusted, you can set them to great accuracy. One thing to remember is to first apply the default settings as per Stellar Support for your particular machine. I have found that by setting the StarFire Receiver height to 20″ greatly enhances the overall performance of driving in a straight line.  This is done in the ATU settings page on your display.  Setting the receiver to 20″ tells the display that it is only at 20″ and the tractor is less likely to “S” or swerve back and forth through rougher ground. If you have a piece of machinery that you are wanting to install AutoTrac, check with your Local AMS/Product Support specialist to see if your machine is approved and for pricing information as well.

If you want to start using Autotrac, in addition to the ATU you will also need a GPS receiver and a Green Star Display with an Autotrac Activation.  Sloan Implement is offering a 3 year lease on these items to help spread the cost of investment over time.  The ATU can also be added to this package and included in the lease amount.  Contact a salesman for more information at 800 745 4020 or email by clicking here:

Sloan AMS Entry Package



Deactivate Implement Detection and ExactEmerge Planter Video

by Lucas Veale, Assumption, IL 

Software update 15-1 (spring 2015) has finally given users the ability to shut off implement detection.  Implement detection auto-populates the offset dimensions of the planter and tractor for the purpose of swath control and does so at each key cycle.  The system is supposed to save any changes made by the operator.  However, sometimes these dimensions are incorrect or different than those entered by the operator when auto-populated causing unexpected skips or overlaps in the field.  Many times this is not recognized until the crop emerges and many acres have been done incorrectly.  To disable this feature, go the Menu, Display, Diagnostics, Multiple Displays,   Change Settings, and then uncheck the Auto Implement Detection checkbox and hit the save button.  At this point, verify that the dimensions that are loaded in the display are correct for both the tractor and the planter.  This should prevent the system for changing them and will eliminate the implement detection warning screen at start up.

The ExactEmerge  high speed planters have been rolling for the past two weeks with great success.  Here’s a video of one screaming across the field in excess of 10+ mph being pulled by a JD 8370R.


Atwood Planting Progress and Row Clutch Status Lights

Planting Near Cuba City, WI

by Matt Sweitzer, Atwood, IL 

For the most part we are still too wet to plant around the Tuscola/ Atwood area. We have had a few guys get their planters set but for the most part we are still waiting on dryer conditions. For those of you running swath control we have a new product called a row clutch light. This light will plug into the row unit harness for any planter running Deere electric clutches. The light turns on when the unit stops planting. The light turns off when the unit resumes planting. This makes setting section control much easier allowing you to visually see from the cab roughly where your planter is turning on and shutting off. This DOES NOT replace digging for seed!!! You still need to dig to find out exactly where your seed is starting and stopping.  This light will give you an idea of what adjustments you need to make. It is still critical that you have your measurements for the machine and implement entered into the display before you begin adjusting your section control. See you local parts department or AMS specialist for more information.

You can see more info on this light by clicking here.

Row Clutch Indicator Light – Click Picture for More Info




ExactEmerge Autotrac Settings

by Lucas Veale, Assumption, IL 

ExactEmerge planters, with their increased speed, create a new challenge for Autotrac, especially in soft or mellow soils.  Make sure that you are using your MFWD and Differential lock.  Secondly, if the tractor is getting off the line very far, go to the advanced settings and raise the steering response rate and the line tracking sensitivity.  This will make the tractor more aggressive with staying on the set A/B line.


ExactEmerge Row Unit on Display in Assumption, IL

ExactEmerge Row Unit on Display in Assumption, IL



Sloan Support Call Center is Now on Spring Hours

Waterloo Boy at John Deere Tractor Museum, Waterloo, IA

by Lucas Veale, Assumption, IL 

We are starting our call center spring hours and schedule today.  The number is 217-693-6209 and the hours are from 7-7 M-F and 7-3 on Saturday.    You can access the call center by calling the above number or using the Sloan Implement APP to put yourself in line and receive a call back when your turn in line comes up.

Please call this number to ask your AMS questions or activate your SF2 signal subscription.  If you need to activate your subscription, please be in the cab with the display and receiver powered up.  We will need your receiver serial number and then we will activate the subscription and give you a code to enter to turn it on.