Frequency Change on StarFire iTC and 3000 GPS Receivers

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL

It is important to make sure that your StarFire receivers are up to date before you head to the field to avoid loss of correction signal.  The new correction frequency is now 1545.9675.  It was changed to minimize the potential for interference from other agencies and industries.  You will need software version 3.73H or later on StarFire iTC receivers or 2.00R or later of StarFire 3000 receivers for this change to happen automatically with no interruptions. You can download the latest software by clicking here.  You can also manually change this number by going to the StarFire icon on your monitor and selecting the “Setup” tab at the top and changing the number in the “Correction Freq” box.  You may have to uncheck the “Default” box first before it will allow you make this change.

Jared W 150723
Starfire Set Up Page to Change Frequency to 1545.9675

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2 thoughts on “Frequency Change on StarFire iTC and 3000 GPS Receivers

  1. Our gps IS WORKING on new frequency – BUT we need a repeater we can installing our spray shed so we don’t lose the signal. Takes up to 25 minutes to reestablish when we pull out. Anyone know of a repeater/extender that we can put on building so tractor can stay connected when pulled inside?

    1. We don’t run any repeaters anymore with 450 radios and amps on our base stations up here in Wisconsin. If he’s pulling in the shed, he’s loosing gps signal. He needs to build that back up before RTK will kick in. Usually, when we pull out of a shed, we have the rtk signal right away, but it will not say rtk until the satellites match on the rover and base. I’m wondering if he has something else going on. A new SF6000 would give you 14 days of rtk fallback which would probably help also, but he still needs to get the satellite signal first for it to work. Not sure how you want to handle that on…
      Joe Brunker
      Monroe, WI

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