John Deere S700 Combine Gen 4 Display Tutorial

New this year to the S series combine lineup is the S700 with the new Gen 4 display.  We wanted to take a second to walk you through the display and answer any questions you may have.

For this session, we are in an S780 equipped with the new Combine Advisor package. This includes the Auto Maintain, Auto Active Terrain, and the Harvest Smart package.  To break that down a bit better, Auto Maintain is a function within Combine Advisor that is supported with ActiveVision Cameras. This gives the operator a view of the grain to analyze and optimize the threshing performance.  Active Terrain Adjustment automatically controls the fan speed and sieve/chaffer openings as the combine travels up and down hilly terrain. This optimizes the harvesting performance of the combine and minimizes grain loss on slopes.  Lastly, Harvest Smart Feedrate Control is specifically designed to maximize the productivity level of the S-Series Combines and reduce operator stress.

Having said that, let’s dive into how to set up your S700 series Gen 4 display.

Video Index
General Layout  0:40, Home Screen 1:14,  Farms & Fields  3:10,  Variety 3:40,   Header Controls 4:28,  Grain Handling 6:37,  Counters 7:33,  Main Run Screen 8:00,  Lower Buttons 10:13,  Mapping Page 14:19,  Active Vision 15:14,  Work Monitor 16:57,  Guidance 18:29,  Hydro Handle 20:00,  Armrest Controls 26:07,  Integrated Combine Adjust 27:50, Quick Navigation Buttons 40:23,  Active Yield 42:15

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