John Deere S700 Combine Equipment Performance Upgrades

John Deere has just announced new equipment performance upgrades for John Deere S700 Series Combines! These upgrades include a Cross Auger Shutoff, Adjustable Unloading Spout and LED Light Performance Upgrade. These features that used to only be available for X9 Combines are now available for S700s in time for Harvest 2023.

Cross Auger Shutoff

Empty out the unloading auger and reduce startup torques with the Cross Auger Shutoff! The cross auger shutoff Performance Upgrade kit on the S700 Series Combines fully unloads all grain out of the unloading auger anytime is is shut off from the cab. This makes sure all grain leaves the unloading auger, reducing weight in the auger and reducing wear and tear when turning the unloading auger on and off.

• Reduce grain weight in the unloading auger by automatically emptying the unloading auger.
• Cross augers turn off approximately 3 seconds before unloading auger turns off.
• Reduce auger startup torque and decrease wear and tear.
• Reduce grain dribble loss in the field, which reduces volunteer crops.
• Cross augers engage after the unloading auger has engaged, reducing overall system engagement loads.
• They are fully integrated with engagement of the unloading auger system and not reliant on a foot pedal like other aftermarket solutions.
• Clutches are protected from prolonged slipping as the cross augers shut off when detected.

All S700 Series Combines

Adjustable Unload Spout = More Accuracy

The S700 series combines performance upgrade will now allow the operator to adjust the auger spout, making it easier to unload into grain carts and trailers. The technology is integrated into the 4600 CommandCenter™ system and adjustable from the multi-function lever. Three different positions are available, depending on if the combine is harvesting or in transport.

• Easier to unload into a grain cart or trailer of various sizes.
• Keep separation between grain cart and combine when unloading on the go.
• Set up on multi-function lever for easy movement while unloading.
• Field transport position prevents grain from falling out and creates fewer volunteer crops in the field.

Additional Details
• Spout adjusts with an actuator that connects the unloading auger to the spout
• Controlled in the 4600 CommandCenter™ Display, under Unfold/Fold
• Easily Programmable To The Multi-Function Lever
• Scroll Wheel
• Button C
• Button D

All S700 Series Combines

LED Lights Performance Upgrade

This Performance Upgrade offers 18 LED lights in total that enhance your ability to see an expanded envelope around your combine, especially in the most challenging visual conditions. The kit is focused on the lights used while harvesting.

Kit Includes
• Cab Roof – 2 High Beam, 2 Low Beam & 4 Work LED Lights
• Grain Tank – 1 LED Light
• Directional Row Finder – 2 LED Lights at 3050 lumens
• Unloading Auger – 1 LED Light
• Discharge – 2 LED Lights
• Stubble – 2 LED Lights
• Cab Skirt – 2 LED Lights

Operators are working into dark evening hours and the shorter the days get, the longer harvest goes on. Having better visibility keeps the machine productive and allows you to see the conditions in the field.

• The kit provides improved sight in low-visibility conditions.
• Outer cab work LED lights, rear discharge LED lights, and unloading auger LED light have brighter illumination for better visibility.
• Updated row finder LED light can be pointed directionally where the operator wants the light to shine.

All S600 & S700 Series Combines

These upgrades are now available for ordering! Order today by calling your local Sloan Implement location. We urge you to order soon to insure enough time for installation before Harvest.

Sloan Support is written by the product support team at Sloan Implement – a 22 location John Deere dealer in Illinois and Wisconsin.

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