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John Deere ExactApply™

Add individual nozzle control to your new 400, 600, and STS Sprayer – factory installed – and get precise droplet sizing for consistent application plus 2 to 5% savings in chemical usage.…

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Switching the Planter to Soybeans

We get a lot of questions about switching the planter from corn to beans, and for good reason. Sometimes it is pretty simple, but for other models and monitors it is not quite…

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Seed Lubricant Guidelines

Talc is specially designed for today’s wide range of seed treatments to enhance seed flow in all weather conditions. Talc is highly recommended for use with vacuum seed meters; however, some meters require 80/20 Talc and Graphite…

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John Deere Starfire™ 7000

A new generation of StarFire™ GPS receiver is here! John Deere has introduced the new StarFire™ 7000 which will include an integrated factory-installed model, as well as a universal option like previous…

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Apex Sunsetting

We received word from John Deere that effective June 1, 2023, all support for Apex will end. This includes transfers, activations, support, and self-serve functions. For example, in the event a computer…

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High Speed Disks

Seedbed PreparationAchieve a uniform, fast emerging crop with proper seedbed preparation. Ensure a seedbed with adequate moisture, oxygen and temperature, free of clods and large air pockets to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.…

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John Deere Debuts New ExactShot™ Technology

John Deere Debuts New Planting Technology At the 2023 John Deere CES keynote, the company revealed a new technology ExactShot™, that will help customers be more productive, profitable, and sustainable. ExactShot™ technology…

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John Deere AutoPath & Farmer Feedback

John Deere introduced AutoPath precision ag technology in the fall of 2020.  We were able to demonstrate this technology to several growers in Northern IL and SW Wisconsin this spring and they…

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