Updates for New John Deere Planters Coming in 2022

New for MY 2022 integrated ExactRate Liquid fertilizer tanks on a JD 8RX410 and a JD 1775 NT Planter with 600 gallon Exact Rate Liquid, Planter Tracks and increased capacity bulk seed tanks

John Deere announced several updates to the model year 2022 planter line up.  The Central Fill Tanks (CCS) have 30% more capacity with each tank capable of holding 130 bushels of seed on the larger frame models.  To help increase floatation with the weight of these larger tanks, Deere now offers factory installed tracks on the 1775 NT planter.  They are similar to the Soucy tracks that have been available as a field install option for several years. Customers like their reliability, increased flotation, and minimized yield loss on pinch rows.  Sloan Express sells these after market tracks and you can view more info at their website.

Factory Installed Tracks on MY 2022 JD 1775 NT Planters

New Factory Installed Planter Tracks help to increase flotation and minimize pinch row yield loss

Exact Rate Integrated Liquid Fertilizer is another enhancement for model year 2022 planters. Now factory installed 600 gallon liquid fertilizer tanks with all of the necessary plumbing are available on newly ordered planters.  Combine this planter liquid tank with the new integrated ExactRate 1000 gallon tanks on an 8RX 410 tractor and you have 1600 gallons of liquid capacity allowing up to 80 acres of liquid fertilizer application at a rate of 20 gallon/acre.

Additional LED lighting packages on the planter allow for greater visibility during night time planting.

View the official product announcement from John Deere here and contact your Sloan Implement salesman before orders open on June 1. Supply of new planters will go quickly and this is the time to lock in the biggest discount of the year.

The next evolution of the John Deere ExactRate™ liquid fertilizer system is here for Model Year 2022. Integrated tanks on the Deere 8RX Tractor plus expanded seed capacity tanks on the planter allow you to cover more acres between fills. With tracks on the tractor and planter, you can distribute weight evenly over a larger surface area to reduce soil compaction. Best of all, the tractor tanks will not get in your way as you get in or out of the tractor cab.

Sloan Support is written by the product support team at Sloan Implement, a 22 location John Deere dealer in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Learn more at www.sloans.com

New John Deere 8R Tractors, CommandPro Joystick, & N500C Air Seeder

Sloan Implement has been sending groups of employees from the sales and product support departments to John Deere’s annual Large Ag Integrated Solutions Training in Florida in order to better serve our customers. We covered everything from soil prep to harvest again this year. The top ride and drive portions included the new CommandPro Joystick,  N500C Air Drill, and the 8RX four-track row crop tractor.

John Deere CommandPro Joystick

The CommandPro joystick is very similar to the joystick found in the current sprayer and combine cabs. It fits your hand really well and allows for a lot of functions right at your fingertips with programmable buttons. The CommandPro was first released in the 6R tractors, but it is now available in both the 7R and 8R tractors as well. John Deere has a simulator here if you would like to try it for yourself.

The new John Deere N500C CCS Air Drill was impressive in person. It will replace the 1990 air drills. John Deere made a ton of improvements to this drill that include: better cleanout (pro boxes fit below the tanks now), electric drive (same motor as ExactEmerge planters), 4 section, turn compensation, TruSet downforce from the display, relative flow blockage, easy calibrating and Industry Exclusive ActiveCal that will let you re-calibrate on the go after the initial seed calibration!

New John Deere N530C on the lot in Assumption, IL

New John Deere N530C on the lot in Assumption, IL

New John Deere N530C on the lot in Assumption, IL

New John Deere N530C on the lot in Assumption, IL

John Deere N500C CCS Air Seeder Cleanout into Pro Box

The new 8RX tractor was impressive. The visibility was great. It had a smooth ride with very little berming even when using the same path every day at this training. The 8RX will have up to 39% more ground contact vs an 8R wheeled tractor.

The new 2020 8R tractors will feature 2 times the light output, a new fan drive (chain drive), better steps on both sides of the cab, integrated Starfire 6000 receivers, a massaging seat, touchscreen radio, front and rear cameras, updated Active Seat or cab suspension, even more seat swivel and footpegs.


Visibility from the new John Deere 8RX Tractor

John Deere 8R250 Tractor

We also got a sneak peek look at one new Precision AG product and some other software updates that are coming soon. Stay tuned for more details on their official release!

Sloan Support is written by the product support team at Sloan Implement, a 20 location John Deere dealer in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Learn more at www.sloans.com