9R Tractor Communication Problems

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL

We have been getting calls recently on 9R tractors having communication problems.  One of the most common complaints that customers are noticing is that their AutoTrac isn’t working or other controllers are missing from the CAN.  This is often caused by moisture getting into the connectors at the back of the tractor.  This has been a big problem this year due to the amount of rain we have received.  If you are noticing something similar to this happening to your tractor then go to the back of the machine and check the ISO connector and the 2 connectors that plug into the back of it.  If you see moisture in the connections then spray it with contact cleaner or it might also need replaced.  If you follow the 2 connectors out of the back of the ISO connector you will find 2 more connectors that also need to be checked.  You can see these connectors circled in red.9R Communication