Lanark Planting, GS3 Software, & 1770NT 24

by Josh Zuck, Lanark, IL 

Cold and wet is the week we had in Lanark. We had about 3 inches of rain this week with a little snow on Friday. Most of the corn is in the ground, very few beans. Customers have switched over to beans and ready to go when it dries out again. Some corn has been popping through and is looking pretty good so far. Some customers are getting there rotary hoes checked over and ready to go also.

I had a customer calling me that was getting ACK warning on his GS3 then it would reboot and he would lose his documentation.  I found that he was running AB Curves for tracking mode, I then looked at his software and found that it was at 3.16. If you remember back 1 year ago we had that same issue with that software. I installed the latest software and I will find out next week if that fixed it.  Check here for the latest software versions.

We have been having some issues with a new 1770NT 24 row that has chain drive row clutches that trash is getting wrapped around the clutch sprockets and causing them to start slipping. After checking it over, we noticed it was on the rows that has the vac motor in between them. The vac motors are creating a turbulence that throws the trash around and then get wrapped around the sprockets. We came up with a deflector to help move the vacuum air back and out of the way.  See picture below for reference.


Double Eliminator & Vac Settings

by Derek Sloan reporting from Monroe, WI

Working out of the Monroe, Wisconsin location this week as they are beginning to get busy in the fields for the first time this spring. I have seen a few setup issues with Autotrac spacing as well as general machine and implement setup when using Section Control.

I started a couple of new 12 row 1770NT planters with guys running a Deere planter for the first time. These start ups went great, with very limited machine problems and the customers liked their Deere planter a lot. One was ground driven and the other was a variable rate planter and both customers were very impressed with how close the actual population was to what they wanted to plant. It is very important to set the double eliminator correctly for corn.  Also, using the proper vacuum pressure with the correct setting of the double eliminator will produce great singulation results. It is important for the customer to understand that different seed sizes might need different vacuum settings as well as an adjustment to the double eliminator in some cases to produce optimal results from the meter.

I had a customer running a GS3 2630 with a Precision 20/20 display running his 1770NT 24 row planter. The only thing the GS3 was running was his Autotrac and a rate controller putting on liquid starter. His GS3 would run for about 5 minutes and then would re-boot. He also complained that he couldn’t see his population on his GS3. All of this was fixed just by putting the most recent software update on his GS3 display version,  3.22.2003. Try and keep all displays and receivers up to date each season as falling behind with updates can cause serious problems in having a smooth operation down the road.  Check here for the latest software versions.