Planting Progress near Lanark, Section Control, and PM2 codes.

by Josh Zuck, Lanark, IL 

We are in full swing of planting this week. A lot of corn has been put in the ground. Some guys are finished with corn and switching to beans. The weather has turned and been sunny, dry and 80 degrees.

I have been having issues with section control on planters, sprayers, and also sprayers running a rate controller. This has been only with customers running GS3 2630 displays. The issue is there are gaps in the coverage maps when the sprayer or planter is turning on.  I have adjusted overlap settings and on and off times, but still having issues. When setting up section control, the percent over lap is what is needed to be set up first. 1 percent is equal to about 1 ft. After setting that up and getting it close, then set your on and off times.

I also have had two customers lose their activations while going through the field. All I had to do is call Stellar Support and have Stellar reactivate the display.

Still having a lot of PM2 codes coming up for compressor timed out. Try Version 2 PM2 software first, if not replace the PM2 controller.

I also had an JD 8110 tractor and a 1770 24 row planter set up with Rate Controller and Tru-Count clutches that would throw an error every time it went over a covered area. The error was “Planter Harness Fault”.   After replacing all of the harnesses and the rate controller, I was still was getting this fault code. I put in a new CAD harness, but then the display would not turn on. After checking voltages, I ended up finding a blown convenience outlet fuse!  Make sure to check the simple things first.

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