Atwood Update, 2510H setup, & GS 2630 Fixes

by Matt Sweitzer, Atwood, IL

All field activity around Atwood has came to a halt due to rain. We have several customers completely done, but a lot still have a few acres of beans to plant yet.

Last week I went to Lanark, IL and Montfort, WI to help get guys started in corn.  I believe most guys up there just got started last week so they were a little behind Central Illinois. This was mostly due to cold weather. It was good to get to see those stores and some of their customers to get an idea of how things operate up there.

Here in Atwood I have been setting up a 2510H for the field. This mainly involves running all the hoses and mounting all of the Raven components. We have had some issues getting the dual cooler mounted due to getting the wrong brackets with the kit. We are working to get this resolved now. The kit comes with a set of universal instructions so they are not much help when it comes to installing them on a 2510H.

I have had a few issues with GS3 2630 displays. One customer had his swath control icon disappear. A cold reboot fixed this issue. Another customer had a SF3000 lose its TCM calibration. This caused the steer “on/off” button to disappear from the display. After calibrating the TCM and rebooting the display the icon came back. Other than that we are just waiting on the rain to stop. Hopefully we will get back to the field next week.

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