R4030 Sprayers, Green Star Documentation, & Wisconsin Planting Progress

by Joe Brunker, Monroe, WI

A lot of guys done with corn or close up here now. It’s been wet most of the week though. Customer’s to the north and east have had A LOT or rain.

Before the rain, we were still getting a lot of documentation calls. Most of the time the documentation was missing something. The easiest way to fine what’s wrong is to go into: Main Menu, Greenstar, Diagnostics, and view Recording. Usually Corn, Beans, Product Application etc. will say “No”. Then you can go into the Documentation button and see what is missing.

Lots of planter operation and down force questions when we were planting as well.

We’ve got a few R4000 series sprayers out. It’s common to have the far outer boom sections shut off slowly. One sprayer must have had air in the boom. We lowered the center section and raised both wings up while spraying with the outer tips off. Cycling the master spray switch on and off numerous times eventually got the air out and we were able to put the tips back on and it would shut off correctly. On another R4030, this would not fix the issue. We found the outer boom valve bad. Replaced the valve and it’s working correctly now. The new boom aspirators do help with quicker on and off times.

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