Effingham Update, Documentation, & Kinze Sensor Issues

by Matt Dehlinger, Effingham, IL

Field work started back up again this week and planters are rolling as hard as they can.  If we don’t get any rain in the next 5 days several guys will be getting close to finished up.

I have received several calls about documentation not working on planters because of multiple tabs being open under the documentation page or because the tab wasn’t completely filled out.  Remember to only have one tab open under your documentation icon on a GS2 or GS3. You do not want multiple tabs open unless you are doing multiple operations at once, like planting and putting on starter.

I also had a KPM III monitor that said that half of the planter was not planting.  I had the guy check the shaft speed sensor and it had moved out of place.  I had him move it over and secure it on the shaft with a zip tie on each side of it.

I also had a Kinze ISO planter that would not plant and the height sensors were out of adjustment and would not tell the planter it was down.  There are two of these sensors on the planter on the parallel arms of the back rank of the planter and the easiest way to check them is to stick a screw driver next to them with the planter raised and the electric clutches should click on.

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