Central IL Harvest, S-Series Combine DEF usage, & Integrated Combine Adjust

by Lucas Veale, Assumption, IL 

Fall harvest is under way in Central Illinois.  Some aggressive elevators are pushing some farmers to get an early start even with high moisture.  Yields have been very good.

The FT4 (Final Tier 4) combines don’t seem to be using a lot of DEF up to this point.  The .2-.3 gph usage does not seem to be too far from reality.

Also new for 2014 FT4 combines is the new Integrated Combine Adjust (ICA). This system provides suggestions on what adjustments to make based on some questions you answer.  If this button is flashing orange or red at you then simply press the flashing button and go through the ICA pages until you get to the point where it suggests an adjustment for improvement.  At that point hit the cancel button and it should quit flashing at you until at least the next time you engage the separator.

Under the “Mapping” button on your 2630 there has been a labeling change.  When you go to select yield as your foreground for the mapping page, it now says yield (wet).  The mapping page with all of the different colors representing yield has always been in wet bushels but now the button indicates that to be the case.

Harvest Ready in Lanark

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