Winterize Your DEF Storage Tanks

20 Gal DEF Portable Dispensing Unit SWDEFPDU20T

Plan ahead this winter by making sure your DEF supporting equipment stays in operable condition. Diesel exhaust fluid freezes at 12F (-11C). Upon freezing, DEF can expand up to 7%.  This expansion puts the pumps, hoses, and nozzles on the pump kits and portable dispensing units at risk for bursting or cracking.

Avoid any unnecessary problems by performing the following steps to winterize your DEF pump kits and PDUs (Portable Dispensing Unit):

– 110V and 12V Pump Kits:
– Step 1: Disconnect your coupler from the tank.
– Step 2: Let the pump run until you see the DEF spritzing out the end of the nozzle.  Let the pump run as dry as possible. (No harm will be done to the pump by letting it run dry).
– Step 3: Wipe down items with a clean, dry cloth. A very small amount of DEF will remain in the pump, but it will not be enough to expand and crack the housing on the pump.
– Metal Portable Dispensing Unit: Follow the same instructions as listed above.
– Poly Portable Dispensing Unit: Simply run the pump until the pump runs dry or spritzes out the nozzle.

*Heated storage is the safest way to store your items if this method is available to you.

Note: Do not try to winterize your DEF equipment by pumping antifreeze into the pumps or portable dispensing units. The antifreeze will contaminate the DEF equipment, and potentially cause harm to the SCR system on your John Deere machine.

60 Gal DEF Portable Dispensing Unit SWDEFPDU60T

60 Gal DEF Portable Dispensing Unit SWDEFPDU60T

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