Sloan UAV Systems

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL

Chroma Professional Package – $1099


  • Chroma Drone with 3-Axis Stabilized 4K Camera
  • ST-10+ Touchscreen Controller with Video Display
  • Heavy Duty Transport Case
  • Two Long-Lasting Flight Batteries
  • Fast Charger with Accessories



Weight: 45.9oz/2.87lbs.

Flight Duration: 25 Minutes per battery

Perfect for first-time operators.

Stick Relativity moves drone in whatever direction the control stick is pushed, no matter which way the nose is pointed

Creates a Safe Circle barrier that prevents the aircraft from flying too close to the operator

Auto-holds position and altitude when control sticks are released

Safe landings with the flip of a switch.

Returns the drone to its start-up point and lands it for you

Great for first-time operators who aren’t ready to land themselves

Easy way to regain visual contact if you lose sight in flight

Activates automatically if controller signal is lost

Higher spec NDVI models available upon request.

Sloan Support is written by the product support team at Sloan Implement, a 20 location John Deere dealer in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Learn more at




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