High Speed Disks

From Planting to Harvest, tillage tools build the foundation next year’s yields will stand upon. High speed disks are the best choice for sizing and burying residue and can be used throughout the Spring and Fall seasons.

When executed correctly, tillage can increase yields and reduce risk for yield loss on your farm, providing value in 4 key areas:

Residue Management
Get the most uniform seedbed conditions and warm the soil by sizing and burying residue and uniformly dispersing it in the soil and on the soil surface.

Soil Compaction Management
Break up both shallow compaction resulting from equipment ground pressure or deep compaction from heavy axle loads by correctly using tillage practices. Soil compaction can cause stunting, uneven crop growth and nutrient deficiency.

Seedbed Preparation
Achieve a uniform, fast emerging crop with proper seedbed preparation. Ensure a seedbed with adequate moisture, oxygen and temperature, free of clods and large air pockets to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.

Weed Management
Rapid germination into a weed-free field, along with vigorous early crop growth, effectively suppresses weeds. The crop can emerge into a weed-free field for a better chance to reach canopy ahead of the weed growth, with a tillage pass just prior to planting or seeding.

High Speed Disks Manage Residue & Cover Acres Quickly
Cover More Acres at 10-14 mphmore acres per day, while aggressively mixing soil, sizing and burying residue without compromising the level field finish you demand. With working depths of 2-6 inches high speed disks work well in small grains, lentils and dry corn residue. A wide range of working widths are also available to match acreage and power requirements.

Mix & Bury Residue for faster breakdown, thanks to aggressive, horizontal soil movement from the 17-degree front and 14-degree rear blade angles.

Individually Mounted bladesthese blades are supported by rubber torsion elements traveling over 22.9 cm while passing over an obstruction, like a rock. This allows the rest of the tool to remain engaged and continue working allowing for better ground contour.

• Provides a consistent field finish in spring or fall

Compatible With TruSet™ Technologyprovides precise control from the cab on the go. With short windows of time to perform tillage operations, TruSet can provide significant productivity improvements as operators can adjust the 2680H with the push of a button while covering acres. By responding to conditions as they change throughout the field, TruSet enables operators to generate a better-quality tillage performance with the first pass.

Choose From 15 Models in integral or drawn configurations ranging from an 8-foot mounted model up to a 45-foot three-section machine.

With the High Speed Disk you can master rolling terrain with the compact design that follow the ground contours. Handle rough field conditions with ease with the suspension system that allows 9 inches of travel and blades that can ride over obstructions and spring back into operating position, allowing better ground contact.

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