Setting Up TruSet™ on a John Deere 2230 Field Cultivator

Lucas Veale, Sloan Implement AMS & Product Support Manager, walks through setting up John Deere TruSet and we hop in the cab with Caleb Hawbaker, to discuss finishing up TruSet™  calibration on a Gen 4 monitor.

WHAT IS TruSet™ and why you need it:

  • TruSet™ Tillage technology helps you increase your productivity in short tillage windows by making on-the-go depth and down-pressure adjustments from the cab in only six seconds.
  • Cover more acres in a day because you spend more time tilling and less time manually adjusting your implement for changing conditions from one field to the next.
  • Do a better-quality tillage job because it’s easy to fine-tune the implement with 1/10th of an inch adjustments, all from the cab with the touch of a button.
  • Execute prescriptions and document the tillage operation.
  • Run variable-depth tillage prescriptions to incorporate residue at different levels across the field or change the depth of tillage for different conditions such as lighter soils or areas of known compaction.
  • Document your tillage passes to see if different tillage strategies affected crop emergence or yield.

Today we are setting up TruSet™ on a 52.5’ John Deere2230 field cultivator. This cultivator is equipped with TruSet™ Side to Side. These are some critical setups before going out into the field.

Hydraulic Hookup
There are 3 hydraulic hookups on a 2230. The default connection is #1 lift, #2 fold and #5 runs the baskets.

• #1: Lift (Green) – Extend on the left side. Retract will be on the right-hand side. If these are flipped the system will not work.
• #2: Fold & Unfold (Blue) – This does not have any automatic functions. They are labeled blue to match your number two SCVs. Left-hand side needs to have the extend and the right-hand side to have the retract.
• #5: Baskets (Purple) – Extend will be on the left and retract is going to be on the right. If your tractor doesn’t have a fifth SCV, you can put it in number three or number four. Make sure to correct this on the monitor.
• ISO Connector (Planter & TruSet™) – flip-up lid and nine pin.
• ISO Connector (Lights & Flashers) – seven pin

Confirm Frame Is Mechanically Leveled
If you level your machine on concrete mechanically, you’re going to have a much more successful spring. This is done best on concrete or a very level area. You need your front sweeps and back sweeps to be running at the same depth. If your sweeps aren’t running at the same depth that’s going to be detrimental to your seed bed. Make any needed adjustments. Once the main frame is adjusted, then move onto the wings.

Monitor Setup
• Setup machine
• SCVs
• Calibrate
• TruSet™ Hydraulic Bleed Procedures
• Frame Calibration
• Preferences
• Depth Control
• Task Controller
• TruSet™ Run Page
• Setup & Configuration

If you would like to see TruSet™ in action, call your nearest location of Sloan Implement and schedule a demo this spring.

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