Seed Lubricant Guidelines

Talc is specially designed for today’s wide range of seed treatments to enhance seed flow in all weather conditions. Talc is highly recommended for use with vacuum seed meters; however, some meters require 80/20 Talc and Graphite blend. This high-grade product offers the benefit of seed coating (talc) and lubrication (graphite) for vacuum seed meters. The 80/20 Talc & Graphite blend is 97% pure and mined in the USA!

John Deere Dealers also offer Bayer Fluency Agent, a polyethylene wax seed lubricant for corn and soybeans. This alternative to Talc can be used in all makes and types of vacuum planters and reduces the amount of dust in vacuum system exhaust.

For John Deere ExactEmerge Planters:
1. 80/20 talc-graphite mix
2. Bayer-Fluency is also an acceptable substitute. Likely will be more expensive to use.

John Deere Vac Planters:
1. Straight Talc
2. 80/20 mix is also acceptable. (if the customer is running Precision Planting E-Set meters then 80/20 is the required product)
3. Bayer-Fluency is also acceptable.  Likely more expensive.

Finger Pickup Planters:
1. Graphite
2. If using a bulk fill Kinze planter with finger pickup units then graphite/talc mix may be used to help with bulk fill seed flow issues.

Kinze Brush Meters-Soybeans:
1. 80/20 mix.

For the above meters with non-bulk fill conventional 1.6 or 3.0 bushel box hoppers make sure that you don’t dump the product only in the middle of the box.  Put it around the perimeter of the box as well.  One quarter to one half cup per 1.6 bushel box should be sufficient.

For Bulk Fill Planters – We get several calls complaining of seed hose plugging so follow the recommendations below.

Before filling the planter, scatter 6-8 scoops of product in the bottom of the tank and then close the lids. Turn on the bulk fill fan to coat the seed hoses.  Shut off the fan and then begin to fill the planter. Use a minimum of one full scoop per 2 units of seed.  This rate is also needed for soybeans as well. This means if you put a 50-unit pro-box of seed corn in a planter then you will need to have used at least 25 scoops of product. Make sure that it is well mixed in the bulk hoppers. Do NOT dump it on top. Seed hose plugging will result. Scatter the scoops in the bulk hoppers as you fill it with seed.   

A seed tender with a talc/graphite applicator is the absolute best way to ensure that the seed is properly mixed with the talc or graphite and to prevent seed hose plugging.

Seed Company applied talc/graphite are not sufficient to work properly in a bulk fill planter. The recommended amount listed above is still required on bulk fill planters even if the seed company pre-treated the seed with lubricant.  

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