AMS Report 12.9.2013

by Josh Zuck

Well I have to say that winter has finally approached. We have been in single digit temps. and had about 3-4 inches of snow hit the ground yesterday.

We had some NH3 late last week and some chiseling. The frozen ground put a stop to that. May not see another window for that till the spring.

Had an issue with Wireless Data Transfer, where it would not send a farm. Customer had issues where it wouldn’t send a whole farm or only send parts of a field. The only way to resend is to go into and find the date when that field was harvested and resend. It would take about 5 – 10 min. to send. Did have one field that would not send at all and had to use the USB to get it to APEX.

Had a GS3 locking up on an S-series combine. Updated combine and GS3 software and didn’t seem to help. Found that the display was 70% full. Export Data and cleared and that helped a lot.

Planters have been showing up and will be setting them up soon.

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