AMS Report 1.10.2014

by Lucas Veale

We continue to see success in selling the Kinze ISO monitoring system to customers who currently own a GS2 or GS3 display.  They appreciate less cab clutter and can run everything with one display.  They also like that the documentation is automatic and in the proper map format.

A few stores are reporting that they are selling JD planters to customers with late model red or blue tractors.  This requires an $1150 harness.  We should instead consider selling them an autotrac controller system as it includes most of the needed harnessing and allows the customer to run autotrac with the GS3 and uses the existing OEM valves in the Case tractor.  This kit is $2250 and only requires the implement connector harness to make it planter ready.

Lucas Benning, Matt Dehlinger, and Josh Thornton are currently expanding our RTK network to the South.  They have had very strong interest in it now that the word is out about the new network locations.

Jared Wheeler has added some more reference guides to the website.  They are also available via the Sloan Implement App.  The new items are for Seedstar planters.

Most of the AMS team has been checking over planters that are sold to customers when they are not installing or selling AMS equipment.  We have noticed many late model planters that have gauge wheel arms that are badly worn due to lack of grease.  It takes about $40 per row in parts to repair this item.  This is something to look for when evaluating trade in planters.  You can check it by grabbing the gauge wheel at the bottom and moving it in and out to check for slop.

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