Apex Unhandled Exception & Command Arm Brackets

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL 

Many customers are seeing an “Unhandled Exception Error” on Apex like the one pictured below.




We can easily correct this over the phone through the Sloan Support call center, 217 693 6209.

John Deere just came out with a new bracket that mounts to the CommandArm on new final Tier 4 (FT4) tractors.  It is compatible with our current tablet and phone brackets.   The part number is BRE10147 for $41.80.CommandARMBracket  As soon as it is available, we will be testing to see if it will work on other tractor models.  The current tablet bracket, BRE10034  $74.80, and the Cell phone bracket, BRE10015 $58.30, can also be mounted other places besides the CommandArm.    Cell CommandARMBracket




1 thought on “Apex Unhandled Exception & Command Arm Brackets

  1. Do you make anything for fendt 724 for iPhone or iPad to sit in..

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