Recording Planting Data on Greenstar Display

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL

We continue to have people struggling while recording planting data on their Greenstar Display.  When you are looking at the documentation page, make sure it only has one tab at the top plus the “new” tab.  In the picture below, we have corn because we are recording corn planting and the “new” tab is also present. 1 The new tab is always there.


A common mistake we see is when growers switch from corn to beans,  and then they add a new tab and now they have corn, soybeans, and “new” at the top.  Sometimes this will go ahead and record but when you upload the data into Apex you will have two maps: one for corn and one for beans.  The screen recorded the field like you planted both crops in the field.  To properly switch from corn to beans, just select the drop down box that says “seed type” and change the crop there.

We also get a lot of questions about turn on and turn off times.  Here is a good reference on how to adjust the times correctly. 2

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