Uploading Data to Myjohndeere.com from a Flash Drive

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL

MyJohnDeere.com (MJD) now has the ability to upload data straight from a flash drive or data card enabling you to view your maps online.  The edit features found in Apex are not yet available on MJD, but they will be coming in the near future.  You can store all your data online and access it from anywhere and not have to worry about losing your data if your computer crashes.  This will give customers who are not currently using Wireless Data Transfer all the features of MJD.

You will first need a validated MJD account.  If you need any help or don’t currently have an account then contact us for help at the call center, 217-693-6209.  You will also need to download the MJD Data Manger and install it on your computer.  Click here for the link.   When you open the program it will look like this:


Insert your flash drive or data card into the computer and select that drive at the top and select your organization.  Once you have selected all the files that you want, then click  “Upload.”  It shouldn’t take long to upload and you should see your maps on MJD within minutes.

Once on MyJohnDeere.com, go to the “Operation Center” and click on the outline of the field on the left.  (See picture below)  This will bring up a list of your fields.  Hover over the “i” and then click on the “Field Analyzer” to view different map layers.  For example, if you upload your planting data then you should be able to see maps for the “as applied rate”, “planned rate”, and “variety”.

Field Analyzer


If you are tired of struggling with Apex or uploading your data, call Jared Wheeler in Assumption at 217 693 6209. He can tell you about Sloan’s Apex Data Management Service.  Or visit sloans.com for more information on this service.

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