New Fillmore, IL RTK Base Station

by Lucas Benning, Vandalia, IL

Things are just starting to get rolling again south of I-70. We had 2-3 inches of rain from Tuesday through Friday last week.  Things were pretty saturated and cool weather didn’t help things dry out very quickly. I was able to get up one more RTK base station in Fillmore. With the help of Troy Pinkston from Assumption on top of the leg and Joey Stewart from Vandalia down on the ground tying things off for us. Even though it was plenty windy that day we were able to get everything up and running. We should be able to get some guys started on RTK before the planting season is done. Still have a few more dead areas down here that we are trying to get base stations up, but need to find appropriate structures in those locations first. Here’s the view from atop the Fillmore base:

Fillmore RTK Base Station

You can see maps of Sloan’s RTK coverage in Illinois here and our coverage in Wisconsin here.

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