Voyager Camera in R4030 Sprayer and Sloan Mapping Service

by Matt Sweitzer, Atwood, IL

For the most part all of the corn is side dressed and sprayed here in Atwood.  Most guys are working on getting all of the beans sprayed now. We did experience some camera problems with the new sprayers.  It seems the Voyager camera is the only one Deere offers a harness for currently.  We installed one Voyager camera and the fuse for the camera kept getting blown.  After further inspection the harness had been wired incorrectly and a new harness fixed the issue. SWTY26989 REVISION B is the harness you need to connect a Voyager camera. Revision A is made incorrectly. If you need to connect a cab cam we will probably need to go through Ag Express for now.

We have been able to visit a few farms and get planting data downloaded and printed for our mapping customers. See your local AMS specialist for more information on our mapping service or visit the website.  We have a few guys getting their combines ready for wheat next month. I already had one customer that had a GS3 in a 70 series combine freeze up. A new moisture sensor software seems to fix this problem as we discovered last fall.

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