Voyager Camera in R4030 Sprayer and Sloan Mapping Service

by Matt Sweitzer, Atwood, IL

For the most part all of the corn is side dressed and sprayed here in Atwood.  Most guys are working on getting all of the beans sprayed now. We did experience some camera problems with the new sprayers.  It seems the Voyager camera is the only one Deere offers a harness for currently.  We installed one Voyager camera and the fuse for the camera kept getting blown.  After further inspection the harness had been wired incorrectly and a new harness fixed the issue. SWTY26989 REVISION B is the harness you need to connect a Voyager camera. Revision A is made incorrectly. If you need to connect a cab cam we will probably need to go through Ag Express for now.

We have been able to visit a few farms and get planting data downloaded and printed for our mapping customers. See your local AMS specialist for more information on our mapping service or visit the website.  We have a few guys getting their combines ready for wheat next month. I already had one customer that had a GS3 in a 70 series combine freeze up. A new moisture sensor software seems to fix this problem as we discovered last fall.

Seedstar 2 Software Update and Tracking Inaccurate Warnings on SF3000 Receiver

by Matt Sweitzer, Atwood, IL

We have had quite a bit of rain here at Atwood in the last few days. We are showing just over an inch today. There is substantial ponding in many areas. We had some high wind come through last night however most of the corn is still standing fine.

I would like to point out that Seedstar 2 planters (green wedgebox) now have a new software version out. This is version 10.11. I had one of these planters showing “EPM’s Not Responding” on the 2630 display. The customer also complained of skips in his coverage. DTAC case number 92096 addresses this issue and recommends updating to version 10.11.  You can check for the most current software versions by clicking here.

Dylan Vickers and I have also encountered this warning message, “Tracking Inaccurate” while using SF3000 receivers with the latest software.


In some cases you can acknowledge the message and continue without issue. However we have had two different receivers lose GPS correction and no longer function as a result. Dylan has an open DTAC case currently and they are looking for a solution. If you have this issue DTAC will likely want a CAN trace and a DEBUG log after the can trace.

AMS Report 4.29.2014

by Josh Zuck

Some planting has started around Lanark. Most farmers are just getting their planters ready to roll once it is finally fit.  We have had some rain this week with more  to follow.  We may not see much field work in this area until next week.

I ran into an issue with a NH T9.390 that has an AT (autotrac) controller in it and hooked to a Seedstar generation 2 planter where the planter was reading 2 mph all the time. I found that it was picking up the wheel speed from the tractor.  I unhooked the wheel speed sensor and it still read 2 mph. I created a DTAC case they said they have run into this on Case and NH machines  that have the Raven AT controller. You will need to call a  Case or NH service tech to update the controllers on the tractor.

I also had an issue with a JD Starfire SF3000 receiver on a 4830 sprayer that had no GPS signal. I went out to see what was going on a found the frequency was 0000.0000. I input 1539.8725 and then did a cold boot on the receiver, and then it gained full signal.  I’m not sure why or what caused it, but the software was 1.90 on the receiver.  So if you run into this, make sure the receiver has the most current software version.  Check here for the latest software versions.

Teke Heinschel has finally finished mapping boundaries for customers.  He was able to cover over 9000 acres on the Gator!  We have loaded all of the customer maps into Apex and they have been very pleased with the RTK and shutting off in the waterways. They can really see the seed savings after just the first couple of fields.  Check out our RTK page here for more info and tower locations.

Joe Brunker is still seeing a lot of down force sensors reading 0. This has been the most common call of the year.

Raising the planter and re-zeroing the sensors has fixed most but not all. Derek had a height switch cal fix at least one. Disenabling and re-enabling has fixed some. Resetting the pm2 controller has fixed some. In some cases the down pressure is too low and they are driving far enough for it to start reading. Lots of issues. If you want to put something in writing I would talk about re-zeroing the sensors has fixed the majority of them. Call if that doesn’t fix it.

Seeing a lot of set-point planter pumps running all the time. DTAC 95188

Apex has been flashing “The machine with this name already exists” error when trying to upload data.  Funny thing is it was a newer 8R tractor that populates the machine serial number.   I had to go into setup and change the name, so the data would finally upload.

I found two more 20/20 Precision planters that have  vac sensors no. 1 and 2 fail at startup. This has been a Precision planting issue. “Ok” the message and the sensors will eventually be available for the Deere monitor and the sensors will work.

Also, seeing some weird GS3 2630 display issues where I can’t move the shift track check mark and I can’t record curve.  A cold re-boot of the display fixed both issues.

Joe Brunker started one planter that was not planting right.  After he opened up the door to check the meter,  the disk fell out.  It’s important to make sure all of your seed disks are properly latched into place.

Bill Kletecka at Cuba City had a new planter that the GS3 2630 display didn’t recognize it.  It would show the PM1 and PM2 controllers’ online, but wouldn’t load the icon for the planter.  The customer’s display also did this last year, so we gave him a new display and it worked fine all spring. He couldn’t get it to act up on any planters on the lot, so he gave it back the customer.  Customer ran it on his new S670 all fall without any more problems.   We put it on his new planter for this spring and it won’t work again.  He currently has a loaner display again and it’s working fine.

Cuba City has started several planters in the field, but no one has been very serious with the current weather conditions.  A few things that we have caught on startup was the triangle being at the connection point again, and also down pressure sensors not reading, or reading zero.  All of the down pressure sensors were reading 0 signifying that they were online and just needing to be re-zeroed in order to work properly.

AMS Report 4.24.2014

by Josh Zuck

Spring is finally here. We have been really busy finishing up installs and getting planters ready . NH3 is getting close to done. I had a few planters start yesterday with more this week to get started.

I had the opportunity to work with a customer and his new Raven Vortex HP NH3 system. It is a single cooler system that runs a pump to increase the NH3 pressure. He installed on a 2510H 23 row. With a single cooler he could run 8 MPH at 200 units per acre. This system is full ISOBUS and runs through the GS3 2630 without the need of a rate controller. The GS3 also uses the Section Control to shutoff sections of the bar. It was also very easy to set up and run with the GS3.

I ran into an issue where a AT Controller on a Case IH was throw a fault in the Raven setup screen along with code ACI 522390.09. I downloaded the latest Raven software and the customer ran for 2 days then it threw the same code again. I re-downloaded the software again and it worked, but I also did a DTAC case and will keep everyone updated once they get back to me.

Seeing a lot of down force sensors reading zero yet. Seems like a few things can get them working again. Raise planter and zero, calibrate height switch, disable and re-enable. There’s also a DTAC case that talks about resetting the PM2 controller as a last resort, but I haven’t had to do that yet.

Joe Brunker and Jon Reynolds found a bad poly phaser( part used to protect the amp from lightning strikes ) was the problem on weak signal at the Hazel Green leg.  With that said all towers are now up and operational.  With a few more climbs we will be finished on all towers.

During a few installs, I noticed that our RTK signal was very strong.  In several cases I was able to get 100% RTK data received inside steel machine sheds, and in one case that was 8 miles away.  Another instance was getting the Shullsburg tower all the way up to the Lancaster tower (30.98 miles away), unfortunately the Deere software won’t let you run that far from a tower.  All of the current RTK customers have begun gator mapping and have reported better coverage than they expected.

Bill adds, “this past week I had the pleasure of fighting a 1770 that had Precision installed on it.  The planter needed a new d.p. node installed and while we were installing it we also installed new software and dielectric greased the connectors.  Before we left I checked over all settings and verified that it was correct.  A few days later customer is called complaining that the software made a bunch of his sensors not work and throw codes.  After another stop to their farm, and the better part of the day with help from a Cuba City tech, we realized that the Precision Planting 20/20 was booting up after the 2630 causing sensors for both vacuum motors and other random codes to be thrown.  They all went away and planter preformed normally when the precision stuff was removed out of the system.  I truly feel that during season calls for random “odd” errors our first diagnostic test should be to remove any and all precision harnesses.  9 out if 10 times it would solve the problem.”

Bill also had an iTc receiver on 4830 sprayer with 2630 display.  The display had an error message of no GPS signal and couldn’t be accepted to move to another screen.  It ended up being software.   Receiver would work on another display, so I loaded software on that first and then was able to get the customers display to acknowledge and also take new software

New 1790 planters will unfold with the rock shaft units in the raised position. Follow D-Tac solution 67973 and make adjustments as necessary. Lots of damage occurs when these are folded out with the units raised.

New 4038R set up finding a noise in the right front corner of the cab, following all solutions did not prove any results. Only seems to occur on rougher roads and only while going down- hill. We delivered to Customer and they are aware of the problem and will continue to monitor. Have also entered a D-Tac case.