John Deere GoHarvest, GoTill, & GoSpray Apps for your Smartphone

by Derek Sloan, Assumption, IL

Harvest is just beginning in Central Illinois for some farmers and is very close for all others in the area. A tool I find very useful during the season, is one most people have on them at all times now, their smartphones. An app called GoHarvest can be downloaded on your device and can be put to good use while in the field with your John Deere Machine. The app is specifically designed to help with the new S-Series 650 through 690 machine models. It will help you set your machine correctly on the outside as well as on the inside with a very user friendly interface. The app can also be used to get the best performance out of your machine while in the field through the performance tab. You simply tell the app where your losses or problem is with the harvested grain and it will supply you with an adjustment to try and improve the existing problem. It will even ask you if this adjustment corrected the problem and give you a checklist for common issues associated with the complaint. You can also make notes right on the app if there is something you want to remember from year to year.Goharvest 2 goharvest

There are also some other Go apps that could be useful on your farm. These are called GoTill and GoSpray. These apps allow you to be very specific about the equipment you are using on your operation and even setup the depth you want to run on rippers and disks in GoTill. There is a lot of useful information about pre season setup with the tractor, implement maintenance, and leveling in GoTill.

Go till


GoSpray also covers maintenance as well as general setup of vehicle, boom setup, calibrations, and boomtrac setup. These are all very good tools to use and if you get a chance I recommend downloading them. We will try and keep you informed of any new apps and technology that will benefit your operation as it is released. The Sloan Implement app contains all of these applications in the apps we recommend tab under the more section.  You can download the Sloan App by clicking here.

GoTill App

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