SolutionsPlus Mobile App from John Deere

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL

The John Deere SolutionsPlus app is your toolbox for managing technology products from John Deere. The SolutionsPlus app is used to support, configure, and enable John Deere precision technology products for agriculture, construction, and forestry industries.  The SolutionsPlus app can be used for updating software, transferring subscriptions, connecting MTG 4G LTE to a wireless network or configuring MTG 4G LTE to receive wireless connections.

Most impressively, the SolutionsPlus app can help you setup your GreenStar equipment before you head to the field this season.  It includes things such as:

  • How to setup your layout manager on the screen
  • Calibrate your TCM
  • Enter machine dimensions
  • Setup AutoTrac
  • Setup Documentation

You can also dive deeper into things like:

  • Prescriptions
  • Section Control
  • Boundaries
  • AutoTrac sensitivity settings and troubleshooting
  • Wireless Data Transfer
  • And more

Here are a couple of videos that show how to use the app for renewing an activation or submitting feedback directly to John Deere.


Download the SolutionPlus app today by going to the “Apps We Recommend” section of the Sloan Implement app or by following the links below.  You can learn more about the SolutionsPlus app by visiting Deere’s  MachineFinder Blog.


Google Play

Sloan Support is written by the product support team at Sloan Implement, a 20 location John Deere dealer in Illinois and Wisconsin.  Learn more at




The Importance of Good Data

by Lucas Veale, Assumption, IL 

Greetings from Sloan Implement Company!  I hope everyone enjoyed great food and family time over Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to more of the same as Christmas quickly approaches

Warmer than normal weather has been the rule this fall in our area.  A great deal of NH3 was applied, but there will definitely be some spring application needs as well.

Let me ask each of you if you had an autotrac system 10 years ago in 2005?  What about 5 years ago?  I bet the answer to the first question would be that very few had a system in ’05.  I would venture to say that many, or more likely, most of you had at least 1 system in 2010.  The question for most producers today would not be if you had a system, but rather how many systems you currently have in your operation? I pose these questions to shine a light on how fast technology is changing and how much of an impact it has on you and your business.

If autotrac was the first big use of GPS technology, section control or auto swath is definitely a close second. So what is number 3?  Any guesses?  It is a hot topic in nearly every farm publication or Ag website.  The answer is data.  Not just data, but GOOD data!  Inaccurate data is not much better than no data at all.

So how does good data have an impact like autotrac or section control?  Good data is the inside information you need to help you make informed decisions about every acre within your operation.  All of you know that there are productive and not-as-productive areas in each of your fields.  But the question is not just how productive or not-so-productive, but how big is the good area and where and how much does it change as you move out of the highly productive area?  Even better, why does it change?  Can we fix it? Is there something holding back the sweet spots from getting even better?  The list could go on and on.  Treating every acre of the field the same, or flat rate application, of seed, fertilizer, nitrogen, lime, etc. does not make agronomic sense, especially in these economic times. Knowing what each acre is putting in your pocket will be of paramount importance going forward.

I will admit that the amount of information that can be gleaned from yield maps, soil tests, application data, etc. is mind boggling and can be intimidating.  The question you are probably asking, is how do I know when, where, and how much change to make?  The only way to answer this question is to have a good “data bank” of past history from each field.  This can then be used by you or a trusted advisor to guide your decisions. As with anything of value, good data takes time and effort to collect.  The good news is that nearly every combine/planter/application tool built within the last 10+ years has the ability to collect the data you need to build your data bank.  The even better news is that most customers already have the majority of the equipment they need to complete these tasks!

Another storm on the horizon is the political climate (pun intended!) in Washington.  As fewer folks in the general population actually understand production agriculture, greater imposition on your use of commercial fertilizers, chemicals, etc. will be the focus of many state houses and in Washington.  Has anyone seen a news story about the algae bloom in the Gulf as an example? The ability to show, on an acre by acre basis, how accurately and efficiently you use inputs will be extremely valuable, if and when the rules change.

So where do we go from here?  Make a point to start or continue to collect good data from this point forward!  Calibrate and post calibrate your combine yield monitor, record your as-applied planting rates and varieties, and obtain the as-applied fertilizer maps from your ASP (Ag Service Provider).  All of this needs to be in an electronic format so it can be used later on.  Find someone to help you clean up your data if you are not able or willing to do it yourself.  Sloan Implement offers a basic data service that allows you to begin to collect GOOD data without even owning a computer, all while using the GPS equipment you already own.  You can see more info on Sloan’s Data Management service here.  John Deere has a website,, where you can store and view the data as well from any smart phone or tablet and share it with only those you choose.  Finally, find a trusted advisor to help you interpret the data and help you make informed decisions.

In conclusion, even if you think you are not ready for all of this, start collecting good data now!  Remember my questions at the beginning of the article?  How many of you had an autotrac system 10 or even 5 years ago?  The difference now is that you could get into an autotrac system whenever you made the decision to do so.  Collecting data takes time.  You have seen how fast the last 10 years has changed.  Imagine what the next 5 or 10 years has in store.
Sloan Support is written by the product support team at Sloan Implement, a 20 location John Deere dealer in Illinois and Wisconsin.   Learn more at


Sloan Support Call Center is Now on Spring Hours

Waterloo Boy at John Deere Tractor Museum, Waterloo, IA

by Lucas Veale, Assumption, IL 

We are starting our call center spring hours and schedule today.  The number is 217-693-6209 and the hours are from 7-7 M-F and 7-3 on Saturday.    You can access the call center by calling the above number or using the Sloan Implement APP to put yourself in line and receive a call back when your turn in line comes up.

Please call this number to ask your AMS questions or activate your SF2 signal subscription.  If you need to activate your subscription, please be in the cab with the display and receiver powered up.  We will need your receiver serial number and then we will activate the subscription and give you a code to enter to turn it on.


Sloan Winter Technology Expo in Atwood, IL Feb 3

You are invited to attend Sloan’s Sprayer Clinic on Tuesday March 3 at our Atwood, IL Training Facility.

Classes will begin at 9 am and finish at 2 pm.

Our sprayer experts will provide training on the following topics:

  • Set-up and operation of Spraystar monitor
  • Section control and Documentation
  • Solution system changes from 30 series to R’s
  • Service and maintenance
  • Sprayer walk around
  • And answer any questions you might have about your John Deere sprayer
  • You can view more info and register at by clicking this link

You can view more info and register at by clicking this link.

Sloan Winter Technology Expo in Atwood, IL Feb 3

You are invited to attend Sloan’s Winter Technology Expo on Tuesday February 3 at our Atwood, IL Training Facility.

The expo will begin at 8 am and end at Noon.  Stop in at any time.

Our product support specialists will provide training on the following products:

  • Field Connect, Machine Sync, & Shared Coverage maps
  • MaxEmerge 5 planters
  • MaxEmerge XP planters
  • Planter Test Stand and Seed Meter Inspections
  • Gator Mapping and RTK Boundary Service
  • Sprayers
  • New Generation 4 Command Center
  • and JD Apps
  • Seedstar 2/XP Simulator, Swath Control, Documentation
  • Accudepth for Field Cultivators
  • Autotrac Controller & Rate Controllers
  • Sloan Call Center

You can view more info and register at by clicking this link.

New Sloan Support Call Center Features

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL

The Sloan Support Call Center now has the ability to accept emails through our call center software.  Customers are now able to email questions and we can reply back to them or call them back if need be.  You can email or and they will both go the same place.  Please remember to include your name and phone number in the email so we know how to respond.  Also, please be sure to include the topic of your question in the subject line of the email.  The easiest way to access this feature is by using the Sloan Implement app and click the new Call Center button and email us directly from the app using your smartphone. Customers also have the option on that screen in the app to request a call from a specialist.


Call Center Button on Sloan App

Call Center Button on Sloan App


It will display the estimated wait time and you can enter your phone number and be placed in line for a call back as soon as the next available product specialist is available.  This means no more waiting on hold.

Call Back Feature on Sloan App

Call Back Feature on Sloan App

We appreciate your feed back as we fine tune the Sloan Support Call Center experience.  You can download the Sloan App for Iphone or Android by visiting

John Deere GoHarvest, GoTill, & GoSpray Apps for your Smartphone

by Derek Sloan, Assumption, IL

Harvest is just beginning in Central Illinois for some farmers and is very close for all others in the area. A tool I find very useful during the season, is one most people have on them at all times now, their smartphones. An app called GoHarvest can be downloaded on your device and can be put to good use while in the field with your John Deere Machine. The app is specifically designed to help with the new S-Series 650 through 690 machine models. It will help you set your machine correctly on the outside as well as on the inside with a very user friendly interface. The app can also be used to get the best performance out of your machine while in the field through the performance tab. You simply tell the app where your losses or problem is with the harvested grain and it will supply you with an adjustment to try and improve the existing problem. It will even ask you if this adjustment corrected the problem and give you a checklist for common issues associated with the complaint. You can also make notes right on the app if there is something you want to remember from year to year.Goharvest 2 goharvest

There are also some other Go apps that could be useful on your farm. These are called GoTill and GoSpray. These apps allow you to be very specific about the equipment you are using on your operation and even setup the depth you want to run on rippers and disks in GoTill. There is a lot of useful information about pre season setup with the tractor, implement maintenance, and leveling in GoTill.

Go till


GoSpray also covers maintenance as well as general setup of vehicle, boom setup, calibrations, and boomtrac setup. These are all very good tools to use and if you get a chance I recommend downloading them. We will try and keep you informed of any new apps and technology that will benefit your operation as it is released. The Sloan Implement app contains all of these applications in the apps we recommend tab under the more section.  You can download the Sloan App by clicking here.

GoTill App

Updated S Series Combine Videos on Sloan Implement Youtube Channel

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL

We have updated our S Series combine instructional videos on Youtube to provide information on the final tier 4 model combine  that was introduced in 2014.  If you click on an old video from 2012,  you will now be redirected to the updated videos.  Along with Youtube, the videos can be found on our website or on the Sloan Implement App. You can download the app for Iphone or Droid on our website by clicking here. Click here for the s-series playlist on Youtube.  We also have a PDF quick reference guides available in both places as well.

AMS Report 1.10.2014

by Lucas Veale

We continue to see success in selling the Kinze ISO monitoring system to customers who currently own a GS2 or GS3 display.  They appreciate less cab clutter and can run everything with one display.  They also like that the documentation is automatic and in the proper map format.

A few stores are reporting that they are selling JD planters to customers with late model red or blue tractors.  This requires an $1150 harness.  We should instead consider selling them an autotrac controller system as it includes most of the needed harnessing and allows the customer to run autotrac with the GS3 and uses the existing OEM valves in the Case tractor.  This kit is $2250 and only requires the implement connector harness to make it planter ready.

Lucas Benning, Matt Dehlinger, and Josh Thornton are currently expanding our RTK network to the South.  They have had very strong interest in it now that the word is out about the new network locations.

Jared Wheeler has added some more reference guides to the website.  They are also available via the Sloan Implement App.  The new items are for Seedstar planters.

Most of the AMS team has been checking over planters that are sold to customers when they are not installing or selling AMS equipment.  We have noticed many late model planters that have gauge wheel arms that are badly worn due to lack of grease.  It takes about $40 per row in parts to repair this item.  This is something to look for when evaluating trade in planters.  You can check it by grabbing the gauge wheel at the bottom and moving it in and out to check for slop.