RTK Stations & Rowsense Tips

by Joe Brunker, Monroe, WI

Blue Mounds, WI

Platteville Mound

Phil Loduha

We installed a new RTK base station in Wiota, WI this past week. The 24 hours survey is complete and it’s ready to use. Contact us if you are interested in using this base’s frequency.

Wheat Drilled with AT and 15' drill

Things have been going pretty smoothly with many guys wrapping up soybeans. We’ve been getting some calls on rowsense as people are switching over to corn. First of all, check your rowsense feelers and make sure the slop is adjusted out of them. Next, if you have a lot of hills and contours try turning up your steering sensitivity (140 has been working well for a lot of guys). If you are still having issues, give us a call and we can take a look at it.

I installed Active Implement guidance on a Steiger 600 with an external SCV and Protrakker drawbar hitch for pulling a 2510H this week. It was working very well.

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