NH3 Anhydrous bar with flow issues? Try this fix

by Chris Saxe, Assumption, IL 

I received a  call today about a JD NH3 2510H ammonia bar with a Raven control system that was not getting flow to the applicator.   I walked the operator through the energize system check, then confirmed the settings and it was getting the correct speed. I then verified that the implement switch was working and the operator could also manually open the Raven valve.  The operator said the rate was bouncing all over the place, but he was still was not getting any flow.   The operator was pulling double tanks and one was 50% full and the other tank was empty.   A rate level that fluctuates wildly up and down is often the sign of an empty tank.   I then directed the operator to shut off the empty tank,  which was allowing vapor to spin the flow meter.   I also asked him to shut off the second tank that was 50% full and then to open the valve slowly.  The excess flow valve snapped shut on one tank when both tanks were at 50% so he continued to run until one tank went empty. By shutting off the tank and opening the valve slowly,  it allowed the excess flow valve in the withdraw valve to reopen.  He started running again but said it still didn’t work.  At that point,  the entire bar was drained empty so I told him to keep going and it charged the bar and it then went back to working perfectly.  Tank % gauges are known to stick, so if you have a similar issue where everything on the monitor and on the bar seem ok, have the operator shake the tank to see if it feels full or if float gauge bounces.  The gauge may be broken or stuck in place.  Be safe out there.  NH3 is dangerous stuff.

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RTK Stations & Rowsense Tips

by Joe Brunker, Monroe, WI

Blue Mounds, WI

Platteville Mound

Phil Loduha

We installed a new RTK base station in Wiota, WI this past week. The 24 hours survey is complete and it’s ready to use. Contact us if you are interested in using this base’s frequency.

Wheat Drilled with AT and 15' drill

Things have been going pretty smoothly with many guys wrapping up soybeans. We’ve been getting some calls on rowsense as people are switching over to corn. First of all, check your rowsense feelers and make sure the slop is adjusted out of them. Next, if you have a lot of hills and contours try turning up your steering sensitivity (140 has been working well for a lot of guys). If you are still having issues, give us a call and we can take a look at it.

I installed Active Implement guidance on a Steiger 600 with an external SCV and Protrakker drawbar hitch for pulling a 2510H this week. It was working very well.