Combine Settings for Wet Corn and Start of Harvest Reminders

by Lucas Veale, Assumption, IL 

Corn is drying down across central Illinois. Some soybean varieties are also rapidly turning. Most of the corn is still above 25% but have seen some fields below that as well. Chopping heads continue to impress with sizing and distributing residue.
Starting corn settings so far have been around 390 and 30 for rotor and concave settings. Chaffer and sieve have been 22 and 12. The fan setting is different for each model but 1250-1300 seems to be working well for the wetter corn we have right now.
One thing that everyone seems to forget to do is to check your grain tank drain covers on both sides before you start. Also, make sure that the rock trap is closed.


Make sure that you calibrate your headers. You will need to do the feeder house speed calibration before you do the header calibration for both the corn head and the platform on both 70 and s-series combines.
Finally and most importantly, BE SAFE. Getting in a hurry never ends well. Check your surroundings before turning on the combine or engaging the header.
Have a great harvest.

Sloan Support is written by the product support team at Sloan Implement, a 20 location John Deere dealer in Illinois and Wisconsin.   Learn more at


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