New Video: The Benefits of B Wrap

by Jake Pippin, Assumption, IL 

In this video, Jake Pippin, Hay and forage Specialist for Sloan Imp, explains the benefits of B Wrap on John Deere round balers.

B-wrap is an alternative to net wrap and provides “barn quality hay without the barn.” The secret is the TamaSCM technology that keeps moisture out, while the micropores allow moisture inside the bale to escape. B-wrap is compatible with 7, 8, and 9 series balers, and the kit can be installed in less than an hour. Once the kit is installed, the baler can be switched from net wrap to b-wrap in less than 5 minutes, and vice versa. B-wrap is sold in rolls just like regular net wrap; however, there are a set amount of bales you can wrap depending the width of your baler. A roll of b-wrap will cover (45) 4’ bales and (35) 5’ bales, while still allowing you to make bales between 60”-68” in diameter. It begins by wrapping the bale once with regular net wrap and then following with a layer of the TamaSCM material. Following the TamaSCM are two more wraps of regular net wrap. With four layers of coverage, b-wrap has been tested to show just a 2% loss of dry matter while stored outside in a well-drained area for 6 months. This is compared to a 2.1% loss of dry matter for regular net wrap bales stored inside for the same period. Although the cost of b-wrap is $4 or $5 more per bale, you are sure to see the advantage after you open your bale up after 6 months of outdoor storage and see that it looks the same as the day you baled it. We have demoed b-wrap to a few customers and have had very positive feedback on the ease of use and appearance of the bales. If you store the majority of your bales outside, b-wrap is the only option for “barn quality hay without the barn.” Let us know if you would like a demonstration and we will be happy to come to your farm and show you the John Deere 569 baler equipped with B Wrap.


You can read more about B wrap by visiting John Deere’s B Wrap Information Page


Sloan Support is written by the product support team at Sloan Implement, a 20 location John Deere dealer in Illinois and Wisconsin.   Learn more at

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