Seedstar 2 Software Update and Tracking Inaccurate Warnings on SF3000 Receiver

by Matt Sweitzer, Atwood, IL

We have had quite a bit of rain here at Atwood in the last few days. We are showing just over an inch today. There is substantial ponding in many areas. We had some high wind come through last night however most of the corn is still standing fine.

I would like to point out that Seedstar 2 planters (green wedgebox) now have a new software version out. This is version 10.11. I had one of these planters showing “EPM’s Not Responding” on the 2630 display. The customer also complained of skips in his coverage. DTAC case number 92096 addresses this issue and recommends updating to version 10.11.  You can check for the most current software versions by clicking here.

Dylan Vickers and I have also encountered this warning message, “Tracking Inaccurate” while using SF3000 receivers with the latest software.


In some cases you can acknowledge the message and continue without issue. However we have had two different receivers lose GPS correction and no longer function as a result. Dylan has an open DTAC case currently and they are looking for a solution. If you have this issue DTAC will likely want a CAN trace and a DEBUG log after the can trace.

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