AutoTrac Vision & RowSense for Sprayers

by Jared Wheeler, Assumption, IL

AutoTrac Vision and RowSense systems are similar to the RowSense system that has been available for corn heads since 2008.  These systems compliment the traditional AutoTrac and shifts the line over where the planter may have drifted going through the field.  The Vision system is used for emerged corn at least 6 inches tall and uses a camera to differentiate the crop from the soil.  The RowSense system is used for canopied corn and uses feelers mounted on the inside of the front two wheels.  These systems use one common harness and controller but the camera and feelers can both be ordered or you have the option of ordering just one system.  For example, you could install the Vision system and then order the RowSense feelers at a later time.  The Vision and RowSense systems are only available for the 4 Series sprayers.  These systems are currently only approved for use in straight track corn on 30 in spacing with a 2 degree slope or less, but more testing is being done.  The base hardware kit that includes the controller and wiring harness is $1270 and then the Vision camera is $4730.  The optional RowSense feelers are an additional $1530.  A RowSense activation is also required if you don’t already have one.

AutoTrac Vision Camera
AutoTrac Vision Camera

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